Friday, June 12, 2009

When You Give You Recieve

June 13,2009

Today was crazy I thought I lost my keys,
Something I never do I always do my best
to have my keys with me because Im sure you all know that
Locksmiths are not cheap. And when you lose your keys its not
just keys... its those little what tabs for the grocery stores,
and stores like Duane Read where you get a discount on some of the items you bought.
But thankfully I found my keys right where I left them on the foot of my bed wow....
Shoot thank God for cell phones lol! And that was basically the highlight of the day for me...

Oh yeah and my girl Tee just kept it real like she always do....
Talking bout when you give you will recieve..
I dont know girl but that video just hit me and reallly opened my eyes about being thankful for what I have and not being afriad to give more. Wow thanks for that video Tee you know you my girl forreal, I really appreciate you.. :)

Dawn Williams

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