Saturday, June 27, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson 1958-2009

June 27, 2009

Well the only for me to start this blog is just to gett right into it. I will just touch the basis because I get into how I really truly got introduced to Michael this will turn into a book. So Im just going to talk about my favorite Michael Jackson album and its meaning to me while not taking up to much of your time.

The album is "Off The Wall" I got that album for my 14th birthday (I think, I know I was in middle school). I loved every song on that album and still do til this day 36yrs later.

The song "Rock With You" jsut brings back so many memories and Im getting a little teary eyed just thinking back on that time.

Their are only 2 musical artist to me whos album has every song banging and I like each and everyone of the songs on the album and get the meaning of the song, and yes Michael Jackson in one of them.

WoW, its really kinda hard to believe that Michael Jackson (from the Jackson 5) is no longer with us.

I really really miss him. God Bless the Jackson family and help them through their griving process.

Stay Blessed to you all, thanks for reading this far. Have a great weekend :)

Dawn Williams

Daily Prayer Of Favor

June 27, 2009


Father thank you for making me righteous through the blood of Jesus. Because of that I am blessed and Your favor surrounds me as a shield. When I talk with people, the first thing they come in contact with is my Favor shield.

Thank You that I favor with You and man today. All day long people go out of their way to bless and help me. I have favor with everyone I deal with today.

I am increasing in wisdom and favor today. I am more than a conqueror in every situation that comes my way.

Because of your favor upon my life, Lord, I am a delight to people. They enjoy me and take pleasure in being around me. Your willingness and grace make me pleasing and acceptable to everyone I meet today.

Thank you, Father, that You are in me and with me everywhere I go today so that I am delivered out of every distress and affliction. Everyone I meet sees that I have a goodwill, favor,wisdom, and understanding because of your Spirit living in me. In Jesus name, Amen.



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This a Shout Out to My Youtube fam

June 24, 2009

This a shout-out vid to my YT fam.

I respect and admire yall

Thanks for being supporive and keeping it REAL at all times...

Stay Blessed


1 LUV!

Some of My Start On YT

June 24, 2009

What going on?!!!

Yes Yes Yes

You may have gotten here from my video or just strolling along.

However you got here its all good, I appreciate it either way.

I just wanted to share some info with you like I always do.

When I frist started on the internet I knew I wanted to do video so
I had to invest in a camera. So my SONY cyber-shot it was (in pink of course).

Then as Ive been advanceding in my marketing and everything, I felt it was time to upgrade the way I do my videos (and I just wanted a new camera).

So I was on Twitter on niggt and someone sent me the link to a Flip video camera,
the price was so reasonable I didn't even have time to think about if I should get it or not I just ordered it right then and there.

Its a great video camera that lets you record up to 30mins.

And its so cute!

If you want to do reasearch on this camera the link is below just click...

Thanks for reading this far and visiting me, again I really appreciate it.

Stay Blessed


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

June 21, 2009

I would not like to forget to say

"HappY Fathers Day"

All you fathers have a blessed day and enjoy the day with your family and tell one another how and why you love them so much!

Stay Blessed

Enjoy the up and coming week!

Dawn Williams

Enjoy Life at 40+!

June 21, 2009

Hey there my people!!! lol

How is everyones weekend going?

I pray all is going well :)

Today I just wanted to say to all my 40+ beuaties out there
that you cant still find time to date and Enjoy life!

Just we're at the mid-point doesent mean that life stops
its only beginning! OK

I know this is short, but I just want you to remember what I said...

Enjoy life and it doesn't stop at 40 :)

Stay Blessed

Luv Ya!

Dawn Williams

Friday, June 12, 2009

When You Give You Recieve

June 13,2009

Today was crazy I thought I lost my keys,
Something I never do I always do my best
to have my keys with me because Im sure you all know that
Locksmiths are not cheap. And when you lose your keys its not
just keys... its those little what tabs for the grocery stores,
and stores like Duane Read where you get a discount on some of the items you bought.
But thankfully I found my keys right where I left them on the foot of my bed wow....
Shoot thank God for cell phones lol! And that was basically the highlight of the day for me...

Oh yeah and my girl Tee just kept it real like she always do....
Talking bout when you give you will recieve..
I dont know girl but that video just hit me and reallly opened my eyes about being thankful for what I have and not being afriad to give more. Wow thanks for that video Tee you know you my girl forreal, I really appreciate you.. :)

Dawn Williams

Monday, June 8, 2009

Let Go And Let God - Dawn Willliams

June 8, 2009

Hey Hey Hey,

Hows it going out there?

Well some of you know I turned 40 two weeks ago... I still feel like Im in my early 20's....

I didn't do the big 40 party or even have that midlife crisis depression episiode...

Im just trusting and believing in my God, keeping focus on the big picture that God has planned for me.

Last week was not a good week for me. If I was on that recission bullshit letting it dectate my life I would not even be writing this blog right now.

I let go and let God. Thats how Ive lived my life for the past 10yrs. and I can say that by living my life that way Im not always in a depression in my mind.

By living my life according to Gods way and not the way of the world, Im at peace. Not to say that problems don't accord because they do and always will because those are tests that God puts us through to see how much we can handle.

So people out there who are stressing the recission and always depress about theer current situation, the best thing I can tell you is to let go and let God....

Talk to yall soon :)

Dawn Williams