Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some of My Start On YT

June 24, 2009

What going on?!!!

Yes Yes Yes

You may have gotten here from my video or just strolling along.

However you got here its all good, I appreciate it either way.

I just wanted to share some info with you like I always do.

When I frist started on the internet I knew I wanted to do video so
I had to invest in a camera. So my SONY cyber-shot it was (in pink of course).

Then as Ive been advanceding in my marketing and everything, I felt it was time to upgrade the way I do my videos (and I just wanted a new camera).

So I was on Twitter on niggt and someone sent me the link to a Flip video camera,
the price was so reasonable I didn't even have time to think about if I should get it or not I just ordered it right then and there.

Its a great video camera that lets you record up to 30mins.

And its so cute!

If you want to do reasearch on this camera the link is below just click...

Thanks for reading this far and visiting me, again I really appreciate it.

Stay Blessed


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