Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do Your Own ToeNails


Hey!! Im mean fellow readers. I know Ive been mia for like I think 3 months. Ive just been so busy with life I had to take a break from blogging, videos , facebook, everything... Anyway I just had to let my ladies know about getting their beauty on. I was watching a fellow Youtuber and she spoke about how to do your own toes and fingernails for under $10. I love a good bargain so I went to the site she mention and they had such a kool video I wanted to share with you all. This is a very short blog, I just had to share this topic with you all... its summer and I know you want to have a great pedi and mani going on w/o having to spend all that $$$, I would usually spend like $30-$40 to get my nails and toes done, but no more. I just couldn't leave my ladies hangin. Stay Blessed and have a great Summer!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Natural Hair Journey (9 Months later)


Today I decided to share my Natural Hair Journey with you from the start of my BC(big chop) to Nine months later.. I cant believe its been almost 1yr. that I cut all my hair off and went Natural.. Its been nothing but a wonderful experience, believe me Ive had my share of ups and downs when it came to finding what my hair likes and doesen't like, but its been fun also. As most Natural hair girls in the Black community we had been so brainwashed to believe that our own curly coily kinky hair was ugly, and straight hair was the way to go. But Im proud of my God given hair, the hair that grows out from my roots that's considered as a 4b or O in the hair typing world.

I just wanted to share some photos with you so you and I can see the difference, The first photo is the 5th week after I BC'd, the 2nd photo is 5mths after I Bc'd, and the 3rd is the most recent photo 9mths since I did the Big Chop. Thanks for going through this journey with me. If you follow me on you know how to get in touch with me and how to check out my videos on this fabulous journey. Have a Blessed week :-)

a comic strip!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Is Finally Here!!! - Law, Makeup, Natural Hair Care


Hello I finally got the time to come and post on my blog... I really miss posting on this blog because this is where I come and just let you all know how Im doing and what's going on with me. Its been 2 months since I posted a blog and so much has happedn I dont know where to start. First of all Id like to say thanks to everyone who comes by and reads my blog. Im still going to school and Im really enjoying myself and learning so much about the legal system I never thought it would be so much fun learning about the law.

Im still focusing on my hair in its natural state(no relaxer), and Im also having fun understanding my hair its likes and dislikes. I love being a part of different hair boards that focus on caring for naturally curly hair. Years ago I would have threw my bhands up and went back to applyinhg a relaxer in my hair. Some would say that Im turning into a PJ (product junkie), but Im just trying out things to see what my hair likes and doesnt like. I have found out that my hair likes spritzs, mists, growth sprays, they keep my hair moist without my hair feeling oily or greasy.

Spring is here and its been 9months since I BC (big chop), being on my natural hair journey has introduced me to a new family the Natural hair community, and I love it. We are not concerned about what others think or say about us and there is strengh in this community. If you are thinking about leaving the creamy crack (relaxer) alone and want to wear your hair they way God gave it to you then visit a hair board they are all over the internet just google "Natural Hair" and you will be on the road to learning the does and donts about "Natural Hair". I dont want to turn this into a book so I will end this right here. I just had to let you all know that Im still areound and things are going great. Dont be afraid to leave me a comment are follow my blog. Everyone have a great week, and I hope to leave another post before the summer starts. Ive startd diving into the makeup world also. I know its crazy to some a parlegal,who loves the law, makeup, and hair care. I think its a great combo. You all stay Bless!!! Thanks again for following my blog... I will see you ASAP.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Know Its kinda Late But Happy New Year Its 2010!!!

Febuary 6,2010

Hello to all of my fatihful who still come through to see what Ive posted to my blog. First of all you will have to excuse me for being MIA, I have school, life, and other things that Im not going to speak on right now. This is a New Year so for me it means being more careful with who I chat with, how much information I share about things, etc. Last year was something else, I lost my job, and things just started to change from there, but not so much for the worst (it seem like that at first) it was actually a window of oppurtunity had that not happen I don't think I would of gone back to school to continue something I was never going to do again because I was getting a paycheck every two weeks.

Anywhoo, Im still loving my hair its in its natural state (not going back to the weaves, or relaxers ever again). So Im thinking about posting how my progress is going with my hair the information I come across about caring for natural hair and the products I think are best for my hair. Also Im going to share some links with you all to where you can get them from or if you just want to read up on them. I was also thinking about shutting down my Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and whatever other profiles I have out there in cyberspace. Im getting tired of the hustlers trying to hit me up to see if they can help me with their so called "Business Oppurtiuny" (I rewrote my site at
DawnW's Story this should explain what Im talking about).

So I just wanted to add a new post for the New Year and let yall know that Im doing great, Im still here, but Im just making a few New Changes in my life.
I'll still add my inspration posts on my Inspriational blog as much as I can. Everyone have a great year remember that you control what happens in your life and never think that your Dreams are to big that they could never come true. Stay Blessed

DawnW :)