Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Know Its kinda Late But Happy New Year Its 2010!!!

Febuary 6,2010

Hello to all of my fatihful who still come through to see what Ive posted to my blog. First of all you will have to excuse me for being MIA, I have school, life, and other things that Im not going to speak on right now. This is a New Year so for me it means being more careful with who I chat with, how much information I share about things, etc. Last year was something else, I lost my job, and things just started to change from there, but not so much for the worst (it seem like that at first) it was actually a window of oppurtunity had that not happen I don't think I would of gone back to school to continue something I was never going to do again because I was getting a paycheck every two weeks.

Anywhoo, Im still loving my hair its in its natural state (not going back to the weaves, or relaxers ever again). So Im thinking about posting how my progress is going with my hair the information I come across about caring for natural hair and the products I think are best for my hair. Also Im going to share some links with you all to where you can get them from or if you just want to read up on them. I was also thinking about shutting down my Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and whatever other profiles I have out there in cyberspace. Im getting tired of the hustlers trying to hit me up to see if they can help me with their so called "Business Oppurtiuny" (I rewrote my site at
DawnW's Story this should explain what Im talking about).

So I just wanted to add a new post for the New Year and let yall know that Im doing great, Im still here, but Im just making a few New Changes in my life.
I'll still add my inspration posts on my Inspriational blog as much as I can. Everyone have a great year remember that you control what happens in your life and never think that your Dreams are to big that they could never come true. Stay Blessed

DawnW :)

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