Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Review of 2 in 1 Conditioning Gloss

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This 2 in 1 gloss has shimmering lip color in the inner tube and clear conditioning gloss in the outer tube for ultimate lip satisfaction. Hydrate your lips with key moisturizers and achieve sheer color perfection. Infused with Vitamins A and E, Aloe and Shea Butter for rich hydration.

Love this Gloss

By 4bcurlygirl from New York, NY on 2/3/2011


5out of 5

Pros: Moisturizing, Last quite a long time, Glossy Finish, Even Application

Cons: Not True To Color

Best Uses: Going Out, Anytime, Everyday Use, Daytime

Describe Yourself: Natural Style

I really love how much this gloss shines and last quite a long time. I got this gloss in several colors but Ive only used Love it and Bedazzled so far. Ive noticed that the color gloss doesnt really come out as much as the clear gloss, but I still love it I use this with birthday suit stain and I had the prettiest pink lips. I would recommend this to a friend


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Review of Lip Stain

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Achieve full coverage that lasts for hours with this long-wear formula. Enjoy silky matte color or layer on the moisturizing clear gloss for a shiny look. With key Vitamins A & E your lips stay smooth all day long.

Light Pretty Pink!

By 4bcurlygirl from New York, NY on 1/26/2011


4out of 5

Pros: Glossy Finish, Neutral color, Pretty, Moisturizing

Cons: Sticky, Clumpy Application

Best Uses: Everyday Use

Describe Yourself: Natural Style

Very nice pink color color close to my own lips very neutral. Love the gloss even though its kinda sticky. The color is so light that it really doesnt last very long. But I still would buy this again. Thanks E.L.F!! :)


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I watched a youtube video on these nail polish strips and you know I had to run out and get me some the video I watched by Jadison03 said she got hers from walgreens so I went to walgreens and they did not have them I went to riteaid and it was a no go (they did have some knock off brand) I wanted the polish strips by Sally Hansen bc she has been around for ages and its a brand I trust some of her items may be pricey but you can best believe you are going to get a quality product. So went to Target and low and behold they had them not many were left as far as variety bc most of the designs were gone and I didnt even see the leporad or zebra print (which is what I really wanted), but I didnt even care because I just had to try these nail polish strips. I have to tell you ladies that Im am in love I have found a new staple nail product they do cost $9 and only 16 strips in variety sizes are given with a cutile stick and file, but its still all good. They last for 10 days I applied my strips on Sunday 1-9-11 and I have my hands in water all the time when Im showering, washing dishes, or shampooing my hair and they havent come off yet. Just a new product Ive tried that I had to share with you, let me know if you have them and how you like them Id love to hear what pattern you got and how they worked for you.

Have Fun with this product and Enjoy!

Click to watch video aboutSally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

Happy Happy Happy New Year!!!


Hello fellow bloggers Ive been MIA for awhile, but I had to come and wish you all a Happy New Year 2011!!! We've all made it through another year and Im sure there is lots for us to be thankful for like our friends and family. We may not have the kinda jobs, material items, or finances we want right now but we can have those things in due time with faith and some work at the goals we want to succeed at. I dont want to make this a preachy post bc those who know me know I dont like to be preached at so I wont do it to you. Beside the New Year Ive been getting more into my legal studies, makeup and haircare of course my hair is growing at its own rate but Im keeping it healthy, clean and moist. Im also having fun with trying new lipsticks,glosses and my eyeshadows or eyeliners, and Im sorry I gave this hobby up sometime ago. Anywhoo I want you all to have fun this year and not dwell on the negative try your best to be postive.