Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dawn Williams-Having Fun With My New Flip Video!!

April 21, 2009

Hello Hello Hello

I was just messing around with my Flip Video yesterday
So I thought Id share what I came out with.
Its just me having a good time telling it like it T.I.IS lol!!

Then today was cool I did some food shopping,
and did a few hours of Counselings with some of
the ladies I work with at the shelter.

When I got home me and my son talked about what hes going to do with his life...
For some reason when these kids become 18 and start smelling themselves cause now they have a girlfriend/boyfriend, all they're good sense just goes out the window...umumum.

Tomorrow I plan to take care of some very important business
If everything goes as plans Im going to a very very very happy woman...

If any of you were following G to Gents you can give your congrats to "Mito" he and "Blue" became members of the Gentlemens Club, but "Mito" won the $$$$$!!!

Emjoy my video, oh! and feel free to check out my talkshow from this past Sunday
Tineshia Toole stopped by and gave it to us raw, she is the truth!!

Take care see you all soon...

God Bless

Dawn Willliams

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