Sunday, May 31, 2009

GirlStandUp Movement! 2009-Domestic Violence

,May 31, 2009

Hello Hello Helllo

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit this blog...
Welll where can I start. Yesterday was pretty coool I made me a batch of liquid
Blacksoap, it was kinda fun :)

Then today i updated my Youtube channel...

While updating my channel I came across a video

It was on Domestic Violence and it made alot of sense
it wasn't some commercialize bullsh*t
Its really touched me and made so much sense
that I wanted to share it with you


Customer Service- What is your view on this topic?

Hey ladies well if you seen my video about customer service
You alread know where this is going, but if not then here it tis....

About a month ago I wanted to get in contact with a manufactuer
whos product is "Liquid BlackSoap". So I went to the 1st person
who popped in my head (who happens to be an owner of a shop Ive been going to
for almost 5yrs.)

Ok well to not make this story so long my point is
Is it ever alright to ask a shop owner who sells the same product
you're looking for the contact # of someone else because you know you
can get a better deal with the other contact? Did that make sense to you?
If not heres the video to explain my question:

Holla back at me, let me know what u think?


Alright ladies and gents

I'll be back!

Have a wonderful week :)

Dawn Williams

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