Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!-Dawn Williams

May 24, 2006

Well Well Well what can I say
That you don't know already?

Hello for starters, thanks for taking time to read my blog..

Its Dawn Williams here letting you know whats going on.

For FrontLaceLadies & LoveYourLace is ready for visitors, even though Im still doing a little tweeks here and there..

Im excited that another chapeter is beginning in my life. Going into the 40s this shit is crazy, but y ou all know Im still holding my own, its alll good.

Im getting better has always been my moto on my BD anyway so Dawn is just going to be Dawn at 40,50,60... shit til'100 god willing!


So if you are wondering how to follow me just go to these places:


Ive been doing some work this weekend and Im also listening to some of my favorite songs that I havent hear in a while. I spent a lot on some mp3's, but its well worth it. Have hours of my favorites on my ipod.

Well I hope you all enjoy your long weekend, and any BBQ's you been invited to...
Alright have Sun
Talk to you later :)

Dawn Williams

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